Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Greetings Everyone!

I saw that K-Ray posted a great video featuring Gator Bites!

Take a look and get hungry!

Tango Joe

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bologna Wrapped Jalapeños!

Fun With Left-Overs!

When we fire up the smoker or the grill we like to use all the grill space. If there is wood or charcoal burning, may as well use that energy to make as much tasty goodness as space will allow. Of course, many times we send a text to one of the neighbors letting them know that we have some of this or that if they'd like a free dinner after a cook. All this cooking practice leaves us with a goodly amount of tasty leftovers. It is always an adventure to find interesting ways to use up some of the tasty left-overs that are taking up valuable real-estate in the fridge or freezer. 

So, here we are with a small portion of our Red Chili from last week's Chili-Palooza in Farmington, CT and a few big, fat jalapeños sitting on the counter. Naturally thoughts turn to ABT's. Let's make these a little different than the usual cream cheese & bacon variety.

Here is what we enjoyed.

Simple Ingredients:
Plump Jalapeños
Red Chili
1 Cup Cream Cheese / room temp
Garlic Bologna

The chili and cream cheese was mixed together into a nice thick paste. Have to admit that this was tasty just like it was.
The jalapeños had a small portion taken out lengthwise making it into a small boat. More stuffing can be put inside this way than if they were just sliced in half.
This time having no thawed bacon in the house was a good thing. Jalapeños are always wrapped in bacon and as tough as it is to admit, that can get boring after a while.
Each stuffed pepper was wrapped in two slices of garlic bologna then placed on the grill for some indirect grilling time. As the bologna started to get a deep mahogany brown it was tough to resist just reaching in and grabbing one. Once the bologna was getting nice and crispy it was time to take them off and let the stuffing cool a little.
These were so good that I would not mind making another batch of chili just to be able to make these again.

Tango Joe