Sunday, August 24, 2014

Grilled Oysters!

Long Island is a seafood lover’s east coast dream, with the fresh catch of the day availably in almost every town. In spite of this fact, there are a few creatures of the sea I have yet to try.
One of these are oysters. Nope, never could bring myself to try them. That is until I read about grilling them. Indeed, everything tastes better when grilled.
I picked up a dozen oysters from Peconic Pearls and set about getting these gems of the sea cookin’.
Now the method I used is probably not 'the right way', but no biggy, as they finished ‘product’ was darn tasty.
When I got them home I fired up the 18” Weber kettle with some Kingsford Blue. While the coals were getting all heated up I put a cast iron pan on the propane stove and heated up some butter and garlic.
Once the coals were nicely ashed over I placed the the oysters rounded side down directly over the heat. After a couple of minutes they started to open, at which point I moved the opened ones off to the side and removed the top shell. When they were all open and the tops of the shells were taken off I put about a tablespoon-ish of the garlic & butter in with the oyster. I moved them back over direct heat for about two minutes, when the butter garlic oyster juice started to boil.
Once they were all bubbling away nicely I took them off the heat and put on a plate to cool just enough to eat.
I will say that the oyster was pretty darn good, with just the butter and garlic, but with a splash of Louisiana style hot sauce, they we fantastic.

After this I will definitely be enjoying oysters again.

As Always, Thank You For Reading!

Oyster Directly Over The Coals

Peek A Boo - The Oyster Sees You!

The Oysters Were Great With Garlic & Butter

But They Were Awesome With Some Hot Sauce!