Monday, June 29, 2015

Pulled Pork & Apricot Jalapeño Poppers!

Sunday Sunday on Long Island was a misty, rainy, slightly chilly after night of torrential rains.
This put the kibosh on some grilling plans so I started to improvise.
I know, I know, rain should not stop the grill, but sometimes the weather jut down right wears on ya. Hey, I have video of me running the pit on snowy 20 degree days so please, I ask for some slack.
Anyway - In the morning I opened the freezer and pulled out one of the vacuum bags of smoked meats we always have on hand and set about planning.
The food from the freezer was a one pound bag of pulled pork from our Memorial Day stash. The bag was placed in some boiling water to thaw and then into a crock pot with a little apple juice and a few dashes of our very own Southwest Sunset.
Right about lunch time the rain had given way to a fine mist and this meant that it was time to light some charcoal.
On the counter were a few ripe jalapeños which were quickly turned into our famous pepper boats.
Here is the ingredient list for this day’s Poppers!

Pulled Pork & Apricot Jalapeño Poppers!

4 Large Jalapeños / opened and seeded
2 Slices of Provolone Cheese
1/3 Cup Pulled Pork
2 TBS Apricot Preserves
Tango Spice Southwest Sunset
4 Slices Bacon

Place the pork in a bowl, add the apricot and a dash or two of Southwest Sunset. Blend well.
Divide the cheese into four pieces, roll and place in the jalapenos. Tp the cheese with even amounts of the pork. Sprinkle more Southwest on if you wish.
Wrap each pepper with a slice of bacon and add more Southwest.
Set your grill up for indirect heat, placing the peppers on the opposite side. Cooking times with poppers varies quite a bit with grill types, closeness to the heat, thickness of the bacon etc.
Every once in a while take a peak at your poppers, when the bacon is done to your liking the poppers are done.
These took about 50 minutes and we superbly awesome! The combination of the pork, Southwest Sunset and the apricot was outstanding!

As Always, Thank You For Reading!

Here are are few pics of the action

Line Up Your Ingredients!

Jalapeños Stuffed With Provolone

Apricot & Pulled Pork

Add Some Southwest Sunset

Give It A Mix

Top The Cheese With The Sweet Meats

Wrap In Bacon & Dust With More Southwest

Fire In The Hole

Weber Kettle Set For Indirect Cooking

Set On A Frogmat Ready To Cook

Almost Done

Time To Eat!