Monday, February 20, 2012

15 Bean & Rib Soup / Stew!

The weekend before last here on Long Island the cookout day was downright COLD - temps in the 20's were tough, but we dealt with them and cooked outdoors. This past weekend the weather did bestow upon us sunny skies and temperatures in the 40's. The winter to spring change is in the air and 'unsettled' will be the forecast for a couple of weeks.

On Saturday I decided to do some more cooking with the new wood burning stove we are getting set up in the back. So far this has been a real good yard sale purchase. Not a bad way to let go of 20 bucks.

On the menu for the day was 15 bean soup. I had score a package at the store, because 15 beans sounded like a good number to me at the time. After watching a 15 bean video over at JB's YouTube Channel, I new I had to have a go at some bean soup. This was just any bean soup mind you, there were all sorts of other ingredients to add to this pot of goodness. I think it ended up being more of a stew than a soup. It's all good though, the aroma of this concoction was surely wafting about the neighborhood and everyone just wanted a bowl.

The main addition to the dish was cubed BBQ rib meat. Last weekend I smoked three racks of ribs, two of which went that night. The third one was saved for a future meal. This is that meal. Some places such as Restaurant Depot and BJ's Wholesale sell baby back ribs in three packs, cryovacced together. You really can't thaw out just one or two racks, you are pretty well committed to bbqing all three. Not a problem, left over rule!

Here are the ingredients: 

1 Package Hurst's® 15 Bean Soup
1 lb. Cooked Baby Back Rib Meat / large cubes
1 Large Russet Potato / large dice & skin on
2 Cups Parsnips / skinned & diced
1 Large Yellow Onion / rough chopped
1 Red Bell Pepper / chopped
2 Large Jalapeno / sliced
2 TBS Tango Spice Sante Fe Seasoning

Soaking - Rinse beans once or twice, then place in a large pot, cover with 2 quarts of water. Allow beans to soak overnight, or at least 8 hours.
After soaking, drain excess water, and add 2 quarts of fresh water.
Bring to a rolling boil, reduce the heat and simmer uncovered for 2 hours.
After two hours, add the cooked rib meat and diced potatoes.
Keep and eye on the water level.
After adding the meat, in a separate pan saute parsnips, onion, bell pepper and jalapeno, saute for 5 or so minutes.
Add parsnip mixture, to the beans & simmer for 30 minutes.
At this time add the Sante Fe Seasoning and simmer for an additional 30 minutes.
Taste for seasoning, adding more Sante Fe - just because it is so good!

There you have it. The new stove is working out really well and this soup turned out very darn tasty! It really was a 'go for seconds' type of bowl. I will be trying this again, adding some garlic and maybe using some red onion instead of the yellow. Next time I will also try a different spice blend, just because.

As Always, Thank You For Reading!

Here is the action packed video - enjoy!

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