Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Atomic Raspberries!

A frequent online haunt of mine for reading about good folks preparing great food is The BBQ-Brethren forums. Here you will find outdoor cooks of all skill levels sharing their latest creations or answering questions from the BBQ newbies.
One of my favorite sections is the Brethren Throwdown. Each week there is a friendly 'competition' open to any and all members which always features either a star ingredient or method. I have entered a few and it is a blast. All entries are to be cooked out on the BBQ or the grill, with folks submitting pics of their creations.
A recent throwdown needed to have berries as a main ingredient and the entries were all awesome.
Take a look at that thread here >>

This particular challenge was a tie - well deserved by both.
Oldyote from Duluth, MN prepared a stuffed jalapeño which featured raspberries and bbq sauce. It looked so amazing that I had to try it out.

AMAZING! That is the one word that works best. This snack was super tasty and is a must try for everyone who is a fan of ABT's and the sweet taste of raspberries!

Here ya go! This is my version of Oldyote's Atomic Raspberries!

Simple Ingredients:
6 Plump Jalapeños
3 Bacon Slices / halved
1 Cup Cream Cheese / room temp
1/4 Cup Raspberry Spread / Jam
12 Fresh Raspberries
1 TBS Southwest Sunset

1/2 Cup BBQ Sauce
2 TBS Raspberry Spread
1 tsp Southwest Sunset

In a small bowl, combine the BBQ sauce, raspberry spread and Southwest Sunset, Set aside.

Stir up the room temp cream cheese so it is nice and smooth. I took a potato ricer and mashed up some fresh raspberries onto the cheese. To this I added a little Southwest Sunset, for more kick. Blend this well and place back in the fridge while you prep the peppers.

One thing that you may notice is the way the jalapeños are cut. Instead of slicing in half or topping & coring them these were opened like a Bilco door. This little hatch allows for more filling and will be held closed by the bacon. Lay the peppers on the counter and see which side they will lay flat on. Open the upper part by slicing cross-wise near the top and bottom about half way through. Then slice lengthwise from top to bottom, forming the 'door'. Open wide and scoop out the ribs and seeds.

Put the filling in a pastry bag and pipe it in the pepper. Top this filling with a few slices of the remaining berries. Wrap them in a half slice of bacon, secure with a toothpick if you need to. Sprinkle a little more Southwest Sunset on the bacon.

Now place the peppers on the grill, set away from the heat source for indirect grilling. Depending on how hot your grill is running you will be able to tell when the bacon is to your liking. Once the bacon looks like it is done to your liking, slather on some of the berry bbq sauce and let it go for a few more minutes.

These are so dam good, anyone who tries them just says 'wow' and asks for more!

Tango Joe

A Few Simple Ingredients!

Jalapeno Bilco Door!

Lined Up & Ready!

Sweet & Spicy!

Add The Raspberry Cheese Filling!

Lookn' Good!

Top With Sliced Berries!

Wrapped & Ready!

Add Some More Southwest Sunset!

Fire In The Hole!

Ready To Cook!

Gettin' There!

Sauce Those Bad Boys!

Almost Ready!

So Damn Tasty!