Thursday, October 24, 2013

Krajana Kielbasa Dutch Oven Style!

     Over the Columbus Day weekend, while traveling to the east end of Long Island, I had the chance to stop at the Wisla Delicacy Deli over in Riverhead, NY and what a treat it was. This small Polish Deli is a treasure trove of fine foods and staffed by the friendliest ladies who were a wealth of information for this inquiring mind.
The first thing I noticed in the large display case was the number of differing sausages which were available. I will admit that when it comes to Kielbasa I was only familiar with the large vacuum sealed variety that sits next the bacon and hot dogs in most grocery stores.
There had to be at least ten varieties at Wisla. There was Biala, an uncooked, non-smoked sausage. Also in the case was Kabanosy, which looks like beef sticks along side Krupniok and Parowki and Serdelki and Jalowcowa.
I picked out a few Kabanosy stick and a Kielbasa Krajana, This is a double smoked made with chunks of pork instead of ground. This a good slicing sausage, though can be reheated for a hot meal.
This is what I decided to so with the Krajana.
While visiting farms and farm stands we picked up a variety of veggies and as the list expanded they all looked like great ingredients for a Dutch oven cook.
Here is what went into the cast iron on a fine fall Sunday here on Long Island.
All the ingredients are listed as I cut them up, not by cups. Dutch oven cooking is very forgiving.

Krajana & Veggie Stew
3 Carrots / chopped
3 Celery Stalks / chopped
2 Parsnips / chopped
1 White Onion / chopped
6 Garlic Cloves / sliced and mashed a little bit
Egg Noodles
Krajana Kielbasa / sliced / I used half the ring, about 20 ounces
3 Kabanosy Sticks / sliced
Bacon Fat / about 'this much'

Your Favorite Stout Beer

Tango Spice Of Your Choice!

Wisla Delicacy Deli
125 W. Main St.
Riverhead, NY

As Always, Thank You For Reading!
Get Your Fire Going!
Here Is Today's Setup!
Sizzle The Bacon Fat!
All The Veggies In The Dutch Oven! 
The Aroma Already Wafting!
Now Get More Bacon & Sizzle The Garlic!
Add The Kielbasa!
Oh Yeah! Look At That!
Time To Add The Stout!
Oh Yeah! 
Now That Looks Great!
Now We Need Some Tango!
Spice Is Nice!
Time To Combine!
Tasty Mixture!
Let's Add Those Noodles!
Let This Bubble Away For A Spell!
Mmm Mmm Goooooood!


  1. Yummy!
    Next time you have the chance to stop at this Polish treasure trove, do ask for Żubrówka. You`ll be Very pleased with the taste and flavour!

  2. Thank you very much for the hint on trying some Żubrówka.
    I will definitely have to head back to Wisla to see if they have some.