Thursday, February 24, 2011

Havasu Road Trippin'!

Lake Havasu Family, Fun & Food Weekend!

  When the winter winds continue to blow, long after the fun of snow shoveling has worn off, the words 'Road Trip' start to creep into your mind. Once you make up your mind that now is the time to get the heck out of Dodge (or Sound Beach) ya have to decide where to go. 
  The destination must have several factors going for it. Of course, there has to be warmth to the air. You are escaping the winter so temperatures which are at least twice as warm as where you now is a good start. 
  Another thing that would be great is if the local population included family and friends. For me, this is essential. Road trips to see loved ones are the best trips ever! 
  Lastly there really needs to be something fun to do that also includes some great food. Yep, this trip will also feature fun & food.
  So, in light of all these things, this weekend will be spent in the desert southwest. The Long Island winter has driven me back to my home town of Lake Havasu, Arizona.
  Warm Temps: Check
  Family & Friends: Check
  Fun & Food: Check
  The fun and food part will be taken care of by the second annual  HavaBBQ Barbecues Competition. This is Arizona's largest Que competition.
  So, the road trip is set and it is time to roll! See you all in Havasu!
  Check out the festivities here >> HavaBBQ London Bridge Style

  Tango Joe

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