Wednesday, May 4, 2011

13th Annual 81 Thunder Run!

Hello Spice Lovers!

This past Sunday, May 1st, Tango Spice Company was fortunate enough to be able to have booth space at the 13th Annual 81 Thunder Run chili cook off in Bohemia, NY. We here at Tango Spice would like to thank Rod from the Hell's Angels Long Island for getting us into this super event and also the Mixed Blood Line MC for hosting  the festivities at their club house.

The day started off just a little chilly, but the sun prevailed and kept the clouds at bay. We were on site early to set up our booth and our spices in anticipation of the hungry crowds who would be coming in for a great day of hot chili, rockin' music by The Buzzards, cold beer and great camaraderie.

All morning the site was full of action as the teams set up their stations and started to get cookin'. In no time the air was filled with the incredible aroma of sizzling beef, pork and of course bacon. Add to this all the spices and we knew this was the beginning of a great day!

I was pleased to hear from quite a few contestants who told us that they knew who Tango Spice is and were glad to see us. Even better was when a couple of the cooks told me that certain blends from our stable of bottled goodness had made their way into a few chili pots. 

When this event rolls around next year I do believe that not only will Tango be there supplying some great spice rubs and blends, we will have our stoves lit and chili pots full as well. 

Here are the results, top five people's choice and all the judged chili in order of finish!

Peoples Choice
1) Queensboro MC
2) TnT Dynamite BBQ Team
3) Restless Spirits MC
4) Trashed MC
5) Sacred Steel MC

1) Sparrow Tattoo
2) Wes Tex BBQ - BBQ Brethren
3) TnT Dynamite BBQ Team
4) The Baldwin Butt Burners BBQ Team
5) The Babylon Grill Billies - BBQ Brethren

6) Team Renu
7) Leather Necks MC
8) Mixed Blood Line MC
9) Fat Heads Bar
10) Mutt & Geoff Chili Champs

11) Restless Spirits MC
12) Road Reapers MC
13) Bridge Runners MC
14) Iron Heads MC
15) Queensboro MC

16) The Hot Dawg Truck Team BBQ
17) U.S. Veterans MC
18) Demon Knights MC - west
19) I Dont Know MC
20) El Guapo Chili Team

21) Trashed MC
22) Sacred Steel MC
23) Mortal Skulls MC

You have to give a hat tip to Sparrow Tattoo of West Hempstead for their first Place finish! They were located directly across from or our booth and we had the chance to talk to them a few time, great folks!

I'd also like to thank Wes Tex BBQ, The Baldwin Butt Burners, The Babylon Grill Billies, Team Renu, Fat Heads Pub and Trashed MC for treating Tango Spice real well. Great cookin' by you all!

The ultra cool Gas Tank Trophy went to the Leather Necks MC. Their name will be put on the tank and it will be kept at there club house for the year. This is like the Stanley Cup of chili, only way cooler! Next year the tank will be returned at the next chili cook off to be taken by the winner in 2012.

I have to mention again The Buzzards. This rockabilly band SMOKED the place. Excellent music by a real powerhouse trio, If you see that they are playing somewhere, do yourself a favor and check them out! Guaranteed Great Time!

So there you have it, a great day was had by all, and we were very glad to be a part if The 81 Thunder Run 2011!

And Now For A Few Pics!
Tango Spice - Ready To Go!

Super Cool Trophy!

The Awards Table!

These Were Excellent Medallions!

The Banner Says It All!

Hungry Crowds Gettin' Their Fill!

The Buzzards!

Trashed MC Doing Green Chili!

First Place Winner's Sparrow Tattoo!

TnT Dynamite BBQ Team!

Big Crowds & Blues Skies!

Best Knife Holder Ever!

Gathering Around The Buzzards!

Getting Ready For The Winners!

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