Monday, May 23, 2011

A Midnight Goose Egg!

The Sign Of Good Things!

Saturday morning 'dawned' with a deep, misty fog. The air was so thick I could barely see across the street and when the dew dripped off the leaves it sounded just like a spring rain.

This morning I was headed out to the eastern fork of Long Island, on a Tango Spice road trip. Destination, North Sea Farms to meet Julia. I had received an email from Julia a couple of days before and she expressed an interest in samples of Tango Spice. From reading Julia's blog I knew I was in for a treat, North Sea looks like one of those ideal little gems which really must be experienced in person. I was looking forward to a drive out her place, and the destination. 

The night before heading out to the farm I had read one of Julia's posts, this one about Steaming Goose Eggs, which included instructions for steaming them and a picture which just made me hungry. While in the shop at North Sea I asked if there were any goose eggs available and as luck would have it, there were two. Those two had my name on them and were soon in a sack of goodies I was going to take home.

Ok, let's get to the egg! This being my first experience with goose eggs, I decided to follow Julia's post about steaming. Well, I was going to follow the directions until I strayed, which I usually do.

The first thing I noticed was the size and heft of the goose egg. Even if compared to a jumbo chicken egg, these would make the jumbos seem like quail's eggs. Also, when you crack the shell, it does take a little bit more force to get to the goodness awaiting inside.

Here is what I had gathered for this test run.
One Goose Egg
1 TBS water
Tango Spice Midnight Espresso (see, already straying)
Good frying pan and a lid that will fit down in the pan, and cover the egg.

Heat the pan over a medium flame until water drop dances. Add a little butter, enough to insure the egg done not stick. I would say a TBS should do the trick. Have your water and lid at the ready.
Crack the egg into the pan, then pour the water around the edge of the egg, then cover with the lid. Let the egg steam for about a minute, or until it is done to your liking. Lift the lid and take a peek at the yolk, if it is still a bright yellow, replace the cover and steam for a few more seconds. During this look, I sprinkled some Midnight Espresso on the egg, and oh what an aroma this created! 
Once the egg is done, just slide it off onto a plate and enjoy with a cup of coffee and some toast.

Well, I will be the first to admit that I made a couple of novice goose egg cookery mistakes. First, I had the heat up a little too high, and this crisped the edges a little more than some folks like. Not wanting to complain to the chef, I did not tell myself about the crispness. Another thing is that I did let it steam just a little bit longer then I should have. I am a runny yolk fan, and this yoke was just a tad past that stage. Either way, it tasted great.

As an egg fan, I can say that I am totally into the taste and texture of the goose egg. One thing you notice when you crack one of these into a pan is the shear amount of egg you are cooking. The yoke alone looked bigger than an entire large chicken egg. The white expanded out and I thought to myself that this would make a great egg sandwich on extra wide sourdough bread.

The texture was also a pleasant surprise. The only way I can describe it is that it was more 'meaty' than a chicken egg. Perhaps it has to do with the amount of white and yoke you get, but it felt more substantial than I expected. As for the taste, if you are an egg fan and have yet to try a goose egg, then treat yourself to a big egg taste sensation. Everything good about eggs is just amplified, I am hooked. I will have to head out to North Sea often or get myself some geese!

I was also pleased with how the Midnight Espresso went with the goose egg. The flavor of the espresso coffee, the ancho chile and the brown sugar was excellent. Heck, it is like eggs and coffee in one tasty plate.

North Sea Farms is going to be a place I stop out at time and again. With free range chicken, farm fresh vegetables and my new friend Goose Egg how could I not go back? If you are ever out on the east end of Long Island, head to the north fork and stop by and say hello to Julia.

North Sea Farms
1060 Noyac Road
Southampton, NY

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