Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tango In The Desert!

BBQ'n & Grillin' in the desert southwest - ya just can't beat that! Spending 25 years in Lake Havasu, AZ gave me the opportunity for year round grilling enjoyment. 360 days of sunshine a year does lend itself to cooking outdoors quite well. 

This is also where I really started to enjoy coming up with my own spice blends to enhance the flavor of grilled foods. The seeds of Tango Spice were planted in the dry heat of the Arizona sun. Now mind you, Tango Spice in based in Sound Beach, NY, yet we never forget the great back yard BBQ's we had 'back in the day'.

There will always be a great connection between Havasu & Sound Beach for me, even over the years and the 2,611 miles.

With this in mind it is my pleasure to let my 'home town' desert dwelling friends that Tango Spice is now on the shelves over at Shishcabob's BBQ & More Store!

I would like to thank Dana & Bob Eland for allowing Tango Spice to enjoy some highly sought after shelf space in their fine store. When you are out and about, please stop in and say hello, check out all they have to offer and pick yourself up some Tango Spice!

Shishcabob's BBQ & More
911 N. Lake Havasu Ave. #106
Lake Havasu, AZ

Hurry On Down Today! 


  1. Thank you so much! Feels good to be back in the desert again!