Monday, December 9, 2013

Pit Barrel Turkey Legs!

   Over the past weekend the weather was clear and chilly. These are the perfect fall days for a little yard work and BBQ. We all know that the BBQ season runs from January 1st to December 31st and every day we can be out there is great.

   Saturday I was experimenting with the new Pit Barrel Cooker. This is still a new way to cook for me, as I have only had it two weeks. Last weekend the first cook was a couple of racks of St. Louis spares. They came out ok, just a bit drier than I would have liked. Like all things there is a learning curve and practice will make perfect. In the mean time practice also makes for great eats.

   So this weekend I tried something I have never cooked before, turkey legs. We all know how the legs are the most coveted part of a Thanksgiving meal. They pop up at state fairs and huge BBQ events and they seem real popular.

   One of the local meat markets had them and I picked up four. At a little over a pound each, there would be plenty.

   Here are the ingredients.
   4 Large Turkey Legs
   2 Quarts Water
   1/2 Cup Kosher Salt
   1/4 Cup Sugar
   1/4 Cup Tango Spice Cajun Rub

   Other seasoning.
   Tango Spice Chik N' Rib Rub

   Here is the method.
   The day before the cook bring the brine ingredients to a boil in a large pot. Turn off the heat and stir  until salt and sugar are dissolved. Allow to cool completely. Being that it was 30 degrees on Friday it was simple to put the pot outside to cool.
   Place the legs and brine in a large sealable bag and place in the fridge overnight.

   The interesting thing about the PBC is that the meats are hung over the coals with meat hooks. The ribs worked out well, but I was unsure how to secure the turkey legs. I decided on making an additional holder from bailing wire. This worked out great.

   Saturday I set up the Pit Barrel by placing a half basket of Kingsford Blue in barrel, and starting a half chimney of charcoal over a propane burner. Let the colas in the chimney go for twenty minutes.

   While the coals were heating up I drained the legs, patted them dry and placed the home made hooks on the legs at the ankle. Then I put a generous coating of Chik N' Rib Rub on them.

  After the twenty minutes were up I poured the coals from the chimney onto the unit coals in the cooker basket. The rebar supports were inserted and the legs were hung then the lid went on.

   Nowhere on the internet could I find a timing for cooking turkey legs on the PBC, so I decided to check on them each hour during the cook and just see what happened.

    Long story short is that the legs were done to perfection at three hours. The color was superb and the aroma during the cook was amazing. I only cooked four as it was only going to be the two of us for dinner. One leg each and then the meat from the other two are going to be in a turkey and game hen soup with egg noodles tonight. Have to love leftovers!

   This cook worked out really well and I will be doing more turkey legs real soon. I will have to order more of the meat hooks from the PBC folks as the unit came with eight and I think I can get 14 to 16 legs on at one time.

   Anyway, that is it, turkey legs on the Pit Barrel Cooker - darn tasty indeed!

   I certainly will be cooking on the PBC many times, as this is a darn good addition to our cooker arsenal. The Pit Barrel cooker would be a great for a novice who wants to step up from the old propane grill to some serious back yard awesomeness. I am sure that I will find it great to use in addition to the offset and WSM and the kettles.

   Always fun to have a new toy to cook great food on.

As Always, Thank You For Reading!

   Now for some pics!

Tango Spice Ready To Cook!

The Homemade Bailing Wire Hooks

Wrap It Around The Ankle

Tied Just Right

Add Some Chik N' Rib Rub

Ready To Cook

Two Of The Cookers We Use Here

Fire In The Hole

Twenty Minutes Are Up

Light The Coals In The PBC

Legs Are Hung With Our Makeshift Holders

After Sixty Minutes

At The Two Hour Mark

Three Hours & Perfection

The Aroma Is Amazing

The Colors Are Outstanding

Time To Dig In

The Carnage!


  1. Joe the legs look great! You can get a lot of good recipes and help on the PBC at Check it out. Don

  2. Thanks Don, they tasted darn good.
    Also, thank you for the heads up on the website, I will check it out.