Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunday With Shirley!

Once again this past weekend turned into a study in patience when it comes to the desire to be out in the yard messing around with the new Shirley Fabrication cooker. All week I had kept an eye to radar and it looked like Sunday was going to be a day with enough of a fair weather window to get some smoking done. The latest ice pellet storm was not set to show up until 5 PM so it was all good.

In the fridge were a few chicken leg quarters, some bratwurst, jalapenos, bacon, heck I even had some fig newtons to make some Fig Poppers.

Just enough good stuff to test out a cook in the warmer. I decided to use the charcoal pan in the warmer and instead of the firebox. I rigged up the charcoal ring from the WSM as an experiment. What the heck, always go for something fun on the first time out.

The ring from the WSM 22.5 fits in the pan real well. Inside is an old charcoal grate lifted by a couple of bricks. Put a paver inside to help create a sort of Minion idea. Worked out darn good.

On the rack above the charcoal I put the heat deflector that came with the pit and that worked out real well.

The chicken was coated with Tango Spice Chik N’ Rib Rub
The Fig Poppers were flavored with our Cajun Rub

During the cook the outdoor temps were a steady 30 to 32 degrees. It took about 30 minutes for the cold steel of the pit to steady out at 290 to 310 degrees. There were a couple if times when the pit temp got to around 340-ish, but I messed with the air intake / exhaust to get it dialed back in. I am happy to be getting some learning done on new pit during the winter, as I think in the warmer months it will be even easier than it is now.

Using the ring in the charcoal pan worked out great and I will certainly be doing that again.

The Fig Poppers took about a 90 minutes to get to the way I like them and they were spectacular.

The brats and chicken I left on there for 2 1/2 hours with both being very tasty and quite juicy. I could up the temps and do a hot & fast cook. which I will try soon.

The warmer box has been a great part of the Shirley Fabrication cooked and I look forward to many more ‘experimental’ cooks on it, as well as big cooks in the main chamber.

Here are a re few pics of the action.

Looks Bad Ass In The Yard!
The Weber Basket Fits Perfect
The Paver Makes The Minion Method Work
The Deflector Goes On The Bottom Shelf
The Top Two Shelves Get The Grub On

Beans & Brats & Fig Poppers Oh My

It All Looks & Smells So Great

Almost Time To Eat 

Dinner Is About To Be Served

Plate Full Of Goodness Thanks To
Shirley Fabrication

Now That's A Smoke Ring!

Good Eats Indeed!


  1. You only miss a parasol and a rocker near and you are all stacked for the summer Joe :)
    Great experience and eats by you, BRAVISIMO!

  2. Thank You Happy - I am Sure That This Summer I Will Be Wanting Some Shade Out There!

  3. I love the square design, great lookin fud 2!

  4. Hey jumbo, good to see you man.
    Yeah, that cabinet style really sets this one apart from the rest.