Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tango’s Cajun Fig Newton Jalapeno Poppers!

Today was another day to be outside in the elements goofing around with the new Shirley Fabrication cooker we recently brought home.
This was a cook done in the warmer box, using the charcoal pan instead of the firebox. Wow, have to say that even after just three cooks so far, the versatility of this SF Cooker is amazing.
On the menu today was chicken leg quarters, thrice baked beans, bacon wrapped bratwurst and the snack to be a highlighted in today’s blog.

Tango’s Cajun Fig Newton Jalapeno Poppers!

Ingredients We Used:
Plump Jalapenos / cut and cleaned as shown below
Fig Newtons / outer cookie edges cut off
Bacon / Kirkland if you can find it, great bacon
Tango Spice Cajun Rub / or any Tango Blend you wish

Method We Followed:
When I buy jalapenos I let them sit in a bowl on the counter for at least a day or two so they can continue to ripen a little bit
Once the jalapeno has been cut and cleaned, put in as large a piece of fig newton as you can fit, fig side up.
Lay bacon slices individually on a cutting board, sprinkle with Tango Spice.
Tightly wrap one slice bacon around one jalapeno, sprinkle with more Tango Spice.
Our Fig Poppers were placed on the top shelf of the warmer box, which was running along between 280 and 320 degrees, mostly on the 310 side. This is the first time using the warmer box with this set up and once I got the air flow dialed in it was smooth BBQ.
The Fig Poppers were in the box for a little over an hour, until the bacon got to where I like it. I like a decent set on it, bite through goodness.
Took them off and let ‘em cool for about 10 minutes then dove in, as the aroma was fantastic.

I will say right now, these were freakin’ amazing - a taste sensation that you NEED to try.

So, that is a small part of our Sunday Mid-Winter Cook Out.

Here’s a few pics!

As Always, Thank You For Reading!

Simple Ingredients!

Stuffed With Fig Newton Sweetness!

Fig Poppers In The Pan & Bacon Wrapped Brats!

Fig Poppers, Bacon Brats & Thrice Backed Beans!

Can Ya Smell What I Am Cookin'?

Hanging With Shirley Fabrication!

Look At That - I Know You Want Some!


  1. Those look some kinda fine Joe. I will give these a try! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. The taste is amazing, as is the aroma when pulled out of the cooker.
    Enjoy & thanks for reading!