Sunday, November 8, 2015

Midnight Espresso Beef Ribs!

Oh My! Look At That Smoke Ring!

Midnight Espresso Beef - Oh Yeah~!

Midnight Espresso Beef Ribs!

It was a balmy Saturday in the beginning of November, super day to be outside doing those pre-winter chores which are usually done while bundled up against the fall chill.
Not so on this day!
As happens most days of this sort, while we are out in the yard one of the cookers will have it’s smoke rollin.
Today it was the WSM, a trusty friend who never disappoints. On the grate was an line up of beef short ribs. Usually we do not see quality beef short ribs around here, but lately a few places have been featuring real nice ones. Big & Meaty  - just the way we like ‘em.
Set the WSM with the charcoal set for the Minion Method. While the cooker is coming up to temp the beef ribs were generously coated with our one Midnight Espresso Rub.

Beef & Coffee - FTW!

I set the ribs on the grate when the WSM was at 180 degrees, and I was shooting for a cook a temp of around 235 / 240 for the duration. The top vent was wide open, lower vents were set as follows - one totally closed, the other two open 50%.
Setting the ribs on a little early is no big deal, and in some circles rumor has it that it helps with the development of a quality smoke ring.
Using a Maverick ET-732 to keep an eye on the heat levels I set about outdoor chores. A beautiful day, fresh air and hard work all amidst the wafting aroma of BBQ Smoke and all is right with the world!
The ribs went on around 11:00-ish with only a cursory look under the hood after three hours, just to tease myself with the goodness to come.
At the four hour mark the temperature spiked to 165 degrees. This might have been when a particularly dense hunk of apple wood started to get its smoke on. This was a no worry situation, beef ribs are very forgiving and can take some extra heat.
When the hourglass showed it was nearing hour number five it was time to check for doneness. Pressing on the beef showed it was time to pull them. A quick stab with the Thermo-Pen indicated that indeed these were down - 195 / 201 degrees.
Took the ribs off, placed them on a foil lined pan to vent for a minute or two. Then they were tightly wrapped for a little rest.
The most we could stand was 25 minutes of resting & not a second more!
As you can tell from the beauty of the slices, these were awesome! The wait is SO worth it, the taste is fantastic.
Once again - Midnight Espresso & Beef team up for an unbeatable combination.

As Always, Thank You For Reading!

Here’s a few pics!

Ladies & Gentleman - Start Your Q!

Blocks Of Beefy Goodness!

The Anticipation Builds!

The Magic Of BBQ!

This Is A Lesson In Patience!

Ok, Ok - Let's Take The Off - Please!

This Was Superb Eats!
You Have To Try This!

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