Saturday, August 13, 2011

Battle Of The BBQ Brethren 2011

The weekend of August 6th & 7th was one full of the wafting aroma of BBQ smoke, making great new friends and tasting some of the best BBQ on the planet.

Teams from all over set up and smoked up over at The Maples in Manorville, NY for what is going to end up being the Premier BBQ Event of the Northeast!

Tango Spice was on site on Friday, scouting out the huge yard at the Maples. This was a great spot for a BBQ event. Heck, this would be a great spot for just about anything. As we walked around the acreage teams started to arrive and set up for the weekend. We found a spot under a pair of trees, set up our tent and walked meeting some of the contestants. Already you could sense the excitement building as well as take in the aroma of the evening's bbq.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear, with the promise of sunny skies & hot times. As the smoke started to fill the morning air, and the crowd started to amble in it looked to be the start of a great day. What a great day it was too, all the cooks were working their magic, the public just kept rolling in and everyone was having a great day. Everyone we met was out having a grand time on Long Island.

Sunday morning was a completely different story from the day before. Dark, grey clouds hung low in the sky, the fog was thick enough to chew on, and when it wasn't it was because the rain was washing it away. Checking the radar it looked like the rain would move out before noon, though at 8 AM it sure looked like Noah was going to be the champ at this Q! This is the way it always is here on Long Island, the ever changing weather. I overheard a more than a few cooks saying that it 'would not be a Brethren event without some rain'. Thought the entire place was soaked, there was not a damp spirit to be found. The fires were lit and then it was time to BBQ.

The weather forecast was actually correct and the rain slipped away, the sun came out and so did the crowds once again. It looked even more folks were lookin' for a smoke filled time than the day before. There is a hunger for great BBQ and this was the place to be! What a SUPER WEEKEND it was.

Tango Spice was very pleased to be able to be a part of this event. 

To all the competitors we met, you are all the best, easy going folks even in the heat of competition. When it was possible, you took the time to talk to the public, share your love and knowledge of BBQ and made everyone feel welcome. This is the spirit of BBQ.

To the folks who came out to see what all the smoke and fuss was about, I do hope that you had a great time, learned a few things about BBQ and thank you so much for stopping by our booth and we hope you enjoy Tango Spice at your next backyard BBQ.

Here is are some sights and sounds from a super weekend with The Brethren!

For more on The Brethren check out this link…

Battle of the BBQ Brethren 2011 Results
Grand Champion: IQUE 
Reserve Champion: Swamp Pit

2 Swamp Pit 
3 Fat Guys in a LittleSmok 
4 Jacked Up 
5 ZBQ 
6 TNT Dynamite BBQ 
7 Blazin Butts 
8 Yabba Dabba Que! 
9 McFrankenboo BBQ 
10 Chubby Hubby BBQ 
1 Early Mornin' Smokin' 
3 Swamp Pit 
4 Ma's Que Crew 
5 Gotham City Grillers 
6 Black Caddy BBQ 
7 The Smoke 'N Barrel 
8 Bogies Grill Hogs 
9 McFrankenboo BBQ 
10 ZBQ 
1 Grim Reaper Smokers 
2 Swamp Pit 
3 Smokin in Da Eye 
4 Yabba Dabba Que! 
5 RXcellentQ 
6 Cousins BBQ 
7 Smokin Aces 
8 Fat Guys in a LittleSmok 
9 Shake & Bake 
10 Babylon Grillbillies
1 TNT Dynamite BBQ 
2 Blazin Butts 
3 ZBQ 
4 Jacked Up 
6 Ribs Within 
7 Fat Guys in a LittleSmok 
8 Smokin in Da Eye 
9 Yabba Dabba Que! 
10 Cousins BBQ 
2 Fat Guys in a LittleSmok 
3 Jacked Up 
4 Ma's Que Crew 
5 Fire & Spice 
6 ZBQ 
7 TNT Dynamite BBQ 
8 McFrankenboo BBQ 
9 Swamp Pit 
10 Chubby Hubby BBQ 
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