Friday, August 26, 2011

HurriPocalypse 2011!

Thursday, August 25th I took off for Syracuse so I could go to the NY State Fair. I figured that it Tango Spice was going to be on the shelves in the Pride Of New York Market Place, it would be cool to check it out.

During the drive up to the northern reaches of the Great Empire State I was flipping the audio system of the Spice Box* from the well stocked iPod shuffle, any FM rock station I could tune into, and AM talk radio. Got to keep it varied on the long haul. I know that some folks would say that I need to get satellite radio, maybe some day. For now I make do with the stock system. 

The journey to upstate New York began in Port Jeff where I caught a ferry to Bridgeport, CT. This route makes it nice for a few reasons, not the least of which I can avoid taking the Cross Bronx Nightmare, I mean Expressway. Head on up through some nice areas of CT then on into the upper regions of New York. Makes for a pleasant trip.

Anyway, let's talk for a moment about the AM stations. During a road trip I like to tune into the local AM stations, see if there are local hosts rambling on about the happenings in their corner of the globe. Sometimes quite boring, but at times it can be very entertaining. Well, on this road trip, the talk shows were filled with HurriPocalypse 2011! Filled with 'forecasts' of the impending wind blown & rain soaked end of times, it was quite interesting to listen to. It was all in the same vein as the over reaction to the recent earthquake, a little out of hand. Now I know that these storms can be very dangerous, and at times very devastating, but it was a bit over dramatic on the local levels.

One thing about the talk I was hearing was about the fact that folks were flocking to the store to stock up on water & toilet paper. I get the water, ya need water for any emergency! But really, so you need to stock up on the TP? Sure, it is a necessity, but it is not like you will be needing 480 rolls to get you through the storm.  Once it gets wet, forget it. Beside, with all the trees that are gonna blown down, there will be plenty of leaves… How about stocking up on charcoal and beer?

This morning I decided to cut my trip short by two days and head back to Long Island tomorrow. I need to secure the tent over the Test Kitchen, check the charcoal stock and get ready to BBQ some Hurricane Ribs!

Let The Excitement Begin!

* Spice Box = The name of the black Ford Transit which has been enlisted to haul all the Tango Spice Goodness!


  1. Some black humor goes great when theres nothing to do with the cataclysms :)
    So you loaded the Box with spices instead of TP and went toward Irene to beat it with the hot?

    Hope that you have not plenty of leaves to be racked!

  2. Humor is always the best way to go for me Happy.

    Yeah, it was a Saturday on the road heading towards the storm as the other lanes of traffic were full with folks going the opposite direction.

    Everything turned out well though - whew!