Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurricane Ribs!

Ribs Ribs Ribs.

I know everyone does ribs but I just had to share come pics of a couple of racks of baby backs which were nicely done on the Weber last Sunday. 

Yes, these were done last Sunday but it has been a hectic week after the hurricane so posting the prOn was low on the to do list. The charcoal was started as the last of the rains moved through, and as luck would have it, the storm broke up here and but the time the ribs were done the sun was coming out.

Better late than never though huh?

I started out with three rack, membranes removed. Coated these with Chik N Rib Rub and let them sit wrapped in plastic wrap for about 4 hours in the fridge. (we still had power at that time)

After three hours I pulled the ribs out of the fridge to get to room temp.

Into the Weber kettle I put some charcoal in these handy Weber Char Baskets. Luv those things! 25 briquettes each and them set each one on either side of the kettle. With a disposable foil bred pan between them which was half full of water. Started 10 briquettes in a charcoal chimney. When these were ashed over I put five each on top of the unlit charcoal then placed the rack on a rib holder in the center of the grill. Also on the grill I put an oven thermometer. Closed the lid, adjusted the upper and lower vents and let it come to 300 degrees.

After about 20 minutes I added some alder chips to get some smoke going. 

The temperature in the kettle stayed near 300 for 2 1/2 hours at which time I removed the ribs, wrapped them tightly in foil into which I had poured some apple juice. These went back in the Weber another hour. After that hour was up the ribs came out of the foil and were ready for a slathering of BBQ sauce. The sauce used was Roger's Rustic Sunset Heat. This sauce I picked up at the NY State Fair in the Pride Of New York Store. Tango Spice is also stocked in that shop so I like to pick up a few things there to support the other Pride members.

Once the sauce was applied the ribs went back in the kettle. I was keeping an eye on them and when the meat started to pull nicely away from the bone, maybe 50 more minutes, they were once again wrapped in foil to rest. 

After 20 minutes resting time the ribs were unfoiled and looked amazing. They tasted even better.

Yes, everyone does ribs, and we all know why - They Taste Awesome!

Here are a few pics….

Nice Rack

Chik N Rib Rubbed

Sauced Ribs
Back In The Kettle

Looks Ready!

Yeah Man!

Hurricane Ribs!


  1. They look awesome Tango Joe!! Glad the storm didn't get ya.
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. These look so good I can taste them! I love Roger's Rustic Rubs and Sauces and this is a great recipe! I would try Roger's Rub for a change in recipe. Can't wait to try it. bhood

  3. Good morning Cowgirl, thanks so much for stoppin' in.
    You have yourself a super weekend as well!

  4. Hi bhood. I was very pleased with the taste of Roger's bbq suace, very nice indeed.
    If you try the ribs with his rubs, let me know how they come out.