Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Smoked Cabbage

Over the weekend it was all about yard work and bbq. Both of these are great when the weekend it nothing but sunny skies and cool breezes.

Monday was another perfect day for smoking up some ribs so the smoker was prepped and a few racks of baby backs were put to the smoke. Since the Brinkman was chugging away I thought it was a good time to revisit something that I had seen over on the Grillin Fools website a while back.

Smoked Cabbage.

This dish looked so good the first time I saw it that it was not more than a couple of days before I had tried it the first time. Smoked Cabbage makes a wonderful side dish and is just different enough so there is a good chance that your dinner guests have never heard of it, much less tried it. A few simple ingredients, some room on the grill racks and some charcoal is all ya need. Of course you can use a gas grill or even your oven, all you have to do is adjust your cooking times a bit.

The smoker was running at about 250 ish degrees, which works well for this.

1 Large Head Cabbage
Tango Spice Southwest Sunset
Minced Garlic
Red Onion / thinly sliced 
Mozzarella Cheese / shredded


Take a piece of aluminum foil and twist into a ring which will become a base for the cabbage, allowing it to stand up during prep and cooking.
Cut the core out of the head of cabbage on an angle, making a sort of a cabbage bowl out of it. Discard the core.
Sprinkle some Southwest Sunset into the cavity, moving the cabbage around to get the spices into the crevasses.
Spoon a tablespoon or more of the minced garlic onto the spiced cabbage, making an even layer.
Lay on as many or as few of the thin onion rings as you wish, the more the merrier.
Put a few pats of butter onto the onion, getting even coverage.
Wrap the cabbage in two layers of aluminum foil. This can go on the grill right away or be placed in the fridge to be smoked later. Remember to remove the cabbage from the fridge at least 45 minutes prior to placing it on the BBQ.
When the temperature of the smoker was at 250 degrees I put the foil wrapped cabbage into the smoker, on the little rind so it was steady and just let it cook away. You can cook cabbage, then cook it some more and it is still tasty. 
After three hours it was time to remove the foil. Carefully take the head out of the smoker, with the ring and place on a hear proof surface. Remove the foil and you will see how the onions and garlic have cooked down and all the butter & spices have penetrated the cabbage.
At this time take some mozzarella cheese and fill the cavity. Do not be stingy, add some cheese and then add a little more.
Now it was time to go back into the smoker for another hour.
When you pull this out, the outer leave and the cheese will have a nice light brown tint and the aroma will be awesome! Slice into it and see all the buttery goodness seep onto the plate.
Please, try this recipe and then let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading.

Five Simple Ingredients 
Southwest Sunset In The 'Bowl'

Top With A Little Garlic (a lot)

Couple Of Onion Rings

Butter & A Little More Southwest Sunset

After 3 Hours @ 250 Degrees In The Foil

Topped With A Little Cheese (a lot)

Back On The Smoker With The Acorn Squash

Next To The Ribs

Yeah Man!

Another Hour Unfoiled

Slice It Open

You Should Smell The Goodness

Nice Plate Full

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