Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pork Rib Pie

Pork Rib Pie

Sometimes when you open the fridge you are greeted by a nice array of left overs from great meals past. Such was the case this weekend so it was time to do a little something different with what I found.

In the coolness of the fridge was some smoked cabbage from an earlier post. There was a few red taters which did not make it into the potato salad a couple of days ago. There was a ziplock bag full of rib meat from a few racks of baby backs. Yeah, this was all starting to add up!

I was inspired to make this meal by a posting on Cowgirl's Country Life, one of the best blogs out there in my opinion. It was there where I read about her Pulled Pork Pie. Once I put two and two together I knew what was for dinner.

Here is my version of this soon to be classic!

Pork Rib Pie

Hear That Sizzle

Red Taters w/ Tango Spice Cajun Rub

A Layer Of Smoked Cabbage

Add That Great Rib Meat

Slather On Some BBQ Sauce

Lay On Some Romas & Jalapenos

Even Better With Cheddar

Lace Up The Bacon & Sprinkle With Cajun Rub

Lil Smokey Luvs The Pie

Cookin' On The Weber w/ Bricks

Ready To Dig In

One Plate Of Goodness

Thanks for taking the time to stop by for a read.

Joe Tango @ Tango Spice

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